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Revastudio is part of RSI GROUP that covers the work of interior design. Nowadays revastudio consists of young talented designers from various design disciplines that work at eccentric & energetic design consultancy.


Revastudio was formed in early 2006 by Revano Satria from Indonesia and T.Lavroskay from Russia. Those two individuals have studied their masters at the AA School of Architecture London UK. The two of them joint their vision and mission in approach to create inspirational eccentric and provocative design visual.

The number one architectural university in the world, the AA School of Architecture, gave them opportunities to gained prestigious projects in Moscow in the end of 2009. In early 2010, Revano Satria went back to Indonesia with his vision of dealing with evolving architecture and interiorior design in Indonesia.


During his search for working partners, Revano met young interior designers with their great potentials and extraordinary ideas. Since 2010 Revastudio has been growing fast handling lot of national and international projects across the world.

In 2011, Revastudio interior was voted as one of Indonesia's top 25 interior Designer by IAAW. Their vision to achieve perfection in design composition has been motivating them to explore the beauty of details in their designs. In 2013, some of revastudio interior projects has been nominated for International Interior Design Award.

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